About us


Find yourself by understanding your past, living your best present, and creating a better future.

Aloha Kākou. Welcome to Finding Your Me. The world is experiencing a shift from how life functioned before 2020. The negativity in the world is affecting our daily lives. We are here to guide you through understanding your own energy, living in the moment, and creating a better future. We may not be able to predict what will happen, but we have tools to help you navigate the unknown events of your future.

Finding Your Me offers individual guidance with one on one appointments. If you feel drained, tired, stuck, or ready for change, please reach out to us through book a session. Don't put off tomorrow what can be done today. Let us help you FIND YOUR ME!

Group sessions will be offered monthly through zoom to help shift to a higher vibration and find your ME!

Check our calendar for live/recorded monthly discussions.

Topics may include:


Releasing financial blocks

How to connect your kino (body), 'uhane (spirit), and mana'o (mind)

Addressing generational issues

Releasing old/stuck energy

Understanding Your Emotions

Releasing attachments

Healthy Boundaries

and more...

Take the first step to finding your me...