What is Mana?

"Mana has been defined as the existence of and the very aura of power (Nana I Ke Kumu)." It is the energy source for each of us individually. Mana is in us from birth. Each person who is pono has the ability to connect to his or her own mana.

What is Energy?

Energy is in every aspect of the universe, and includes all living things. It is in every part of existence. We are all manifestations of energy. We all have a frequency of vibration.

Energy cannot be destroyed, rather recycled. Shifting negative energy allows the release of what isn't pono. Once released, energy can be "cleansed or recycled" and can become positive energy.

You cannot see energy, but you can feel it. Imagine you walk into a room where 2 people are sitting, one who is angry, and one who is happy. Without looking at body language, you can feel which person is angry and which person is happy. Each person's frequency of vibration can be felt. We have all had "the experience" of feeling something wrong with someone. This has to do with each person's frequency of vibration.

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